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[Gamers Wanted!] Online only - Tabletop Simulator + Discord

J D1

First Post
Hi Gamers. We're looking for 2-3 people who wish to join our online gaming group. We do virtual sessions using Tabletop Simulator, discord, and obsidian portal. Microphone/speakers are required, but video is not.

We run every other week Sundays, noon EDT. Games typically run about 4-5 hours. But there is room to move the game forward or back an hour or two, depending on circumstances and group needs.

Currently we alternate between a 3.5 Ebberon game and a GURPS powered Space-Opera game. We wish to build games centered around interesting characters and stories and to just have some fun. If you are interested please respond to this post or send me a PM.

I'll be happy to answer any questions you like about our group and our two games. Thanks everyone.

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Interested in hearing more for your game please reply with details, my times are available adaptable to the groups' needs. Never played Eberron but have sourced Races of Eberron for my v3.5 games. As we're both 1 post members I guess for awhile our only contact will be out here in the thread so tell me what you can in detail


Staff member
Is this a dead thread, am I 6months too late? I've posted in LFG on Discord anyway for D&Dv3.5
I don’t know if the poster is still active, but he or she is probably pretty disappointed at the moment- this thread has been plagued by spammers. You might try to PM the thread starter.

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