[Gamers Wanted!] Syracuse NY - Strathmore - D&D (5th or 2nd Ed)

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First Post
Are you looking for players to add to an existing group? Starting a new group? Any details about the day you are looking to play?


Do you take skype gamers as we are near NYC. And currently using that to connect with our members that moved out of state.

Hey there. Would you be interested in an OD&D-style game. (primer here: https://1drv.ms/b/s!At9t3rOy_QCT6w9IYYGyc41wztYn)

The idea is to have about 20 players on a roster along with their availability. I'd put out a call for players 3-5 times a week during those availabilities, aiming to get 3-5 players for sessions of 2-4 hrs. You could theoretically play several sessions a week, if you wanted.

Also, we'd do this by video and voice (leaning toward Discord).

Hi, are any of you guys still active in the Syracuse area? I'd be interested in joining as a player in one of the older dungeon-crawler style editions of D&D to see what it's like. eg. 2e.

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