Mutants & Masterminds / DC Adventures Gaming w/Jemal: Mutant Apocalypse Issue 3: Fallout


Issue 1: Brazil
Issue 2: Vegas

The Gryphon/Drake team:
Voda Vosa as Uomo Nascosto, AKA Vittorio di la Croce/twenty seven other names
JKason as Terry Quinlan aka The Grid
Walkingdad as Jacob Calvins, AKA Frost
Shayuri as Cassandra Allen, the Telekinetic Journalist AKA Fulcrum
Zerith as Felix the Werecat
Joined by
Voidrazor as Enoch the Psychic
And BBs as Laura Vioricta
Darwinofmind as Katrina the Material Girl[/sblock]

Last issue, the team traveled to Las Vegas - Information sent them after a private lab secretly funded by the Lyons Foundation, a public anti-mutant group, which had been investigating biological weapons against Meta-humans. Though the mission was primarily benevolent, it was also undertaken partially to further Gabriel Phoenix's trust in them. After securing test vials, destroying the lab, and rescuing a pair of captives, they fled the city with their injured companions, and are currently on the road between Vegas and the Montana Rocky Mountains.

<Begin Issue 3>
After almost 6 hours in the van - while approaching Salt Lake City - Grid, recovering much more rapidly than expected, but still in great pain, manages to sit up - against the objections of his companions. He can feel something changing within him, the pain -while still great- is noticeably less than when he first awoke after leaving Vegas hours ago.
As the group marvels at his miraculous recovery, Cassandras cell buzzes with a text from her editor:
"Are you still in Washington? Why aren't you reporting on this?"

As she is reading it, she starts to receive more, and the mobile devices of Uomo, Frost, and Felix also start buzzing with missed messages and calls.
Notable texts:
All Gryphon employees From Robert Gryphon: I've been trying for an hour, where the hell are you guys? What happened in vegas?
Uomo From Claudia: *Several messages, basically boiling down to* 'are you hurt? Tell me that wasn't you?"
Uomo from Robert Gryphon, 20 minutes ago: I don't know if you're dead or what, but CALL ME when you wake up, I've got four agents down trying to stop this madness, I pray to god I haven't lost you too. if we don't stop this it'll be War!

Over the next couple tense and confusing minutes, they discover what has happened - In his pain-addled throes of awakening, Grid had been throwing off interference, disrupting any service they may have gotten, and now that he's managed to stabilize himself, the interference has abated, allowing for the deluge. Upon reading their missed messages, they quickly discover that they've missed much in the intervening hours, and with some quick net-searching from the recovering Grid, they put it all together.

Three hours ago, The Drake Centre in Washington was bombed by 'Pro-human activists', quote "in retaliation for recent mutant assaults against humanity in Washington, Brazil, China, and last night's massive explosion in Vegas."
Further checking reveals that shortly after the team left the city, the research lab they had been at was annihilated in a massive fireball that partially collapsed nearby buildings and starting several fires. This occurred while emergency crews, police, and much of the research staff were on site about the break-in not half an hour earlier, killing many emergency personnel as well as the head researcher, Doctor Noah White, and several government agents investigating possible Meta-human involvement. Based on early reports, a mutant terrorist known as Hassan, who had previously been involved in the infamous school attack, is the primary suspect, though considering reported sightings of another suspected Mutant terrorist, Jacob Calvins (Frost) within Vegas in the hours before the bombing, he is also being sought for questioning.

There have been numerous reports of attacks on and by meta-humans since then, culminating half an hour ago in an attack by several powerful mutants against the Lyons Foundation headquarters. They have taken the place over and are holding William Lyons hostage, though have not offered any demands.

Alright, After some thoughts, I had originally intended a meeting with Phoenix and then some time off before the next mission, but I decided to go with a storyline I had planned for later, but which should be more active/fast paced to mix things up a bit since the last two chapters have both been primarily 'stealthy' missions against non-powered opponents. (With the exception of Frost vs the mad scientist)
For the record, yes Hassan IS the 'explosion causing super-terrorist' that you guys rescued and have in the van with you, so obviously neither he nor Michelle the pyro demolished the lab, and you are quite certain the damage you caused would not have resulted in this happening nearly an hour later..

Grid gains the 'injury' complication until further notice, which will be haunting his physical activities for the first bit, and will gain HP if I decide to have it impede his activities. Anybody who gained extra HP last issue retains it for the current issue, if you remember it and post about it in your first post here as a reminder! As well anybody who used HP/luck regains it for the new Issue.
*EDIT: Also, Frost gains a HP for his 'known face' complication as the country is currently being reminded of who he is and the police will be on the lookout for him.
I am preparing an OOC post about powers/upgrades for everybody. Keep an eye open for it, but I wanted to get this up first as the game seemed to have stagnated a bit.
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"Holy heck, I'm out of it for a few hours and suddenly we're the entire flipping news cycle," Grid mutters, then hisses as the overly dramatic hand-raising he tries as emphasis manages to pull at his wound. "I think we're too far behind to turn things all the way around, but I can at least see what I can do about planting some sightings of the 'top suspects' far enough away to get folks plenty confused about whether they could have been in Vegas to do any of this damage. If anyone has a scapegoat handy I can replace our boys with, let me know while I'm in here..."

It was a comfort, really, as Grid pulled back from his body to try to concentrate on what threads of the net he could access on the road. He muttered something foul about 'lousy cell data speeds,' but there wasn't much more out of him for a while as he manipulated information no one else could see.

[sblock=ooc]Haven't spent the PP yet, so I guess the numbers might be different for a check, but the intent is to have Grid start planting false posts (and possibly manipulated images, since digital photo is essentially just code / data, as well) to create false reports of sightings of Frost and Mr. Explody in various other locales that would make it nearly impossible for them to have been in Vegas. Some of that would probably be social media hacks, but also possibly fabricated government / police reports if that's something he can do while they're on the road. Basically, he's trying to flood the system with conflicting reports so that no one can make a solid enough case and / or knows where to look.

If someone offers up a useful scapegoat, he'd obviously start working to make that person's presence much more substantial / provable in Vegas while he's throwing out all the chaff to cover the group's own tracks.[/sblock]

Voda Vosa

Uomo's calm demeanour was lost for a moment, when the debacle was made known to them. He had slammed his fist into the roof of the van, leaving a sizable bump, and swearer in more than one language, but mainly in Latin.
He let out a myriad of texts to Gryphon, always trusting the now recuperated Grid to encrypt them:
"We are doing alright, we were cut off the communication."
"We have Hassan with us, needless to say he is not responsible for the blast."
"It is highly unlikely that Noah White was killed, he was not scheduled to be at the lad for days, and he couldn't have gotten there in the hour before the explosion."
"We have Grid working out fake covers for our people, specially Calvins and Hassan. Try get more cover on our activities."
"Hows the situation with Drake? This might prove useful."
"Commence Security protocols level Omega on Headquarters, and remain with top personal security at all times old chum."

More relaxed, Uomo starts discussion the situation.
"Okay chums, we've got many fires to put down. We might have to split ways, Hassan and Michele can return to Phoenix, and report the situation to him while the rest of us try to chill out the situation at Drake's or at Lyons. Its a real mess out there, don't really know where to start..."


"You should not be taking boy with you, he is injured." Hassan motions to the preoccupied Grid "Michelle and I can speak to Mister Phoenix, neither of us in the shape for the fighting if it comes up."

Uomo's cell rings coming from Robert.
*Assuming he answers*
"I suppose I shouldn't be so relieved you're still alive, given that you're immortal. Drake Centre's being taken care of, and Drake himself is a tough bastard, he's leading the digging. There's feds, emergency crews, and about a dozen able metas there. Little chance of a follow up attack, it's just searching for survivors right now.
The hostage situation with Lyons is the big problem. We need to be the ones to resolve it. If we let the cops and feds handle it, no matter which way it goes it'll just be another example of human vs mutant. If we can show them GOOD metas stopping BAD ones, we might be able to repair some of the damage. And Lyon getting his rear saved by Mutants - I kinda like the sour taste that'll leave in his mouth. As much as I'd like to let him get what he deserves, we're coming damn close to a tipping point, and a Martyr is the last thing we need. Hell, if Calvins is seen saving him, that might even help clear his name.. but obviously that's not top priority.
If you give me your co-ordinates I can transport you. It'll be exhausting but it's the only way to get people there in time to resolve this."

Voda Vosa

“A fine suggestion my Arabic comrade. We will take him to a friend’s clinic.” Uomo says, before Robert calls.
“Agreed comrade, you are correct. I’ll need a ride then, to your clinic. I’ll give you a ring later.” Uomo says on the phone. He looks back at Hassan. “My comrade” he shakes his cellphone. “Is a teleporter. We’ll leave you two with the van in the next gas station, if you can drive. My comrade will take Grid to his clinic and us to where we need to go. Questions?” Uomo smiles.

Deception: 31


Felix awoke with a hiss when all the electronics awoke around him; who dare disturb his slumber!?!

he pawed groggily at his phone, it was ringing, and vibrating, beneath his chin, he got the massed text and murmured at the blasted thing, still not fully awake. Felix then blinked a few times as he rose himself and sat up in the back of the van atop the luggage in his neutral form, tail and fisted hands stretched up as he gave off a wide mouthed yawn.
He looked at the text again, first blankly, then with what was likely a throbbing vain at his right temple as he leered.

‘What just happened?’ he thought, annoyed yet again, then he heard that they were going to be teleported… joy… well, at least he got a small catnap…
“Was Spielereien wird als nächstes passieren?“ Felix questioned no one in particular as he looked about.

OoC: what he said was: "What shenanigans will happen next?" in german ;3

Walking Dad


"Great... me... again." Frost mutters frustrated as he becomes aware of the reports linking him with just another incident.
He looks at Uomo and ask: "What about me? Shall I try to keep a low-profile? Looks like I'm on the way to the 10 most wanted list."




HP 3

conditions: fine

TOUGHNESS 13 (13 Impervious)

Immunity (poison, disease, crit, suffocation, cold)




A huge grin spreads across Enoch's face. "Low profile? Why would the 'scary evil mutant terrorist' who is about to save The William Lyons, live on TV no less, want to skulk around? Dude, you're about to be a hero! It'll be awesome!"


Felix, groaned at Enoch, though the kid had a point. "You're both mistaken, but neither of you are far off," Felix sighed "as of now, Yes, Blend in." Felix continued before he easily maneuvered through the van and stopped nearer Frost. "The real issue is when to let yourself be seen. You don't want to be seen at all until it's clear, or rather, painfully obvious that you're a 'good guy' from an onlooker's point of view." The feline party member went on "It might be a bit of cheese, and impractical to boot, but ideally it would be great if before you were seen several of the, confirmed, baddies were seen defeated and frosty by the cameras." Felix gave a brief pause before going onwards "Let the public, and those in power whom have real brains, connect the dots themselves: if you show up and the cameras only see you swinging at unknowns, or after the cameras have seen iced body of who might be bystanders, who is to say their not there to stop you?" Felix questioned "the most practical answer to the qustion about when you should get some camera time is to to so while obviously..." Felix's face became a bit contorted as he strained to say what he was about to say "Zzz-SSSaaAa-vi-ing" he started in a strained breath. "L-Lyon..." it left a bad taste in his mouth.

To say Felix disliked the moron would be an understatement, but he knew full well what would happen if the man became a martyr. But the PR if Lyon came off as a flaming racist after being saved by metas? priceless. a sly grin came to Felix's face: he wanted to relay get under Lyon's skin and get the jerk ragging mad before Lyon was clear, maybe Lyon would do something realy stupid and go on a blatantly racist tangent on live television... ha, prices.


The van stops at a gas station outside of Salt Lake City, and Michelle and Hassan say their goodbyes and Thanks before driving off to deal with Phoenix.
Uomo has been pleasantly surprised by Hassan's seeming level-headedness, especially after all he's heard of the man and his antics earlier. There is definitely something going on with him.

During the ride, Grid had managed to plant several reports and false video evidence of Frost and Hassan elsewhere, but without tipping his hand too much, can't draw a lot of attention to them too directly. It may be hours or even days before the authorities get around to them.

After the Van drives off, the group sends co-ordinates to Gryphon, who shows up a moment later walking from behind the gas station, less out of breath than the last time he had teleported - apparently he's been getting some practice.
"Old friend, it's so good to see you again!" the portly man moves to embrace Uomo, then withdraws, and looks to the rest of them. "Felix, long time no see. Grid, you've looked better.. And three new recruits? You've been busy, old man. Well, we can catchup and debrief later, right now we need a plan to.. as much as I hate saying this - Save Lyons. And as good as I am with the corporate stuff, this is outside my area."

[sblock=Perception DC 24]
As he is shaking Uomo's hand outside the Van, Hassan slips a note into his pocket.
If Uomo notices, Hassan holds a finger to his mouth to indicate discretion, and whispers "Later" in Russian.
If anybody else notices, Hassan does not notice them noticing... him....
Gryphon will offer insight/advice/information as applicable, but the plan is up to you guys, and the clock is ticking - it is a hostage situation after all. He can teleport you pretty much wherever you want, but his accuracy transporting groups over large distances isn't 100, as Frost and Uomo have seen in the past.

Voda Vosa

The roman takes the piece of paper and nods imperceptibly.

Uomo is sincerely happy to see Robert; with all that's been going on, he's lucky to be in one piece. "Yes old friend" Uomo says and turns to the rest "This is Robert Gryphon, our 'real' benefactor." he explains to the surely confused new recruits. "I'll explain later. As Robert says, we need to make some plans, but first we need to know how is the situation at Lyons' facilities."

Perception: 27


Felix was feeling back to his old self, he nodded happy at Gryphon's recondition, but he did not keep himself from butting into the conversation swiftly, right after Uomo.
"W-well," he started a slight nervous before his own ego started to kick in. "if the information we have now is not enough..." He commented before turning to Mr. Gryphon "Could you make a second, short range, jump after getting us close by? If so, I could quickly scout out the area and then give an updated status report before we go in headlong."


Terry Quinlan, The Grid

[sblock=ooc]Perception (1d20+11=23)[/sblock]

Grid managed to keep his eyebrows from raising as the exploding mutant shook Uomo's hand, and decided it wouldn't hurt to let the immortal share what he knew in his own time. Besides, there was planning to do.

"Well, whether they circumvented it or not, I assume Lyons's security infrastructure is still in place. If you have any intel on that ahead of time, I'll be in a better position to target my communing when we get there. Assuming they haven't cut the power to the place, I should be able to line-port to the security central station if they have a standalone server like our last friends did."

His hand seems to unconsciously float to cover his still-healing wound as he adds with a pained smirk, "Might be nice to run interference from a nice, safe box with a network of monitors. And if the lines are all intact, I can run interference for you guys once we've cleared a route."


Robert nods to Grid "Actually, from what I understand, the FBI DID cut the power, but it came back on a moment later. They think there's a backup generator inside. They've tried accessing the interior surveilance, but the metas inside are currently in control, and Lyons appears to have CIA-level security measures. Something I'm sure they'll want to discuss with him once he's 'safe'. Someone of your talents should be able to hack in once we're on sight though."

He then turns to respond to Felix's question. "As far as multiple teleports - Getting here was pretty draining, travelling across the country with all of you.. I can't guarantee I'll still be conscious on the other side, let alone capable of another jump with passengers. I can get you into the building, on top of it, or outside of it, but after that it's up to you. Don't count on any help from the FBI, either, they won't want a bunch of 'mutant vigilantes' mucking up their plans."

"JC is busy in Vegas, and our other assets aren't available, so we have nobody on scene in Washington to supply us with info. From what I have been able to gather - mostly monitoring FBI radios and watching TV - there are at least 6 Metas and a dozen hostages including Lyons. There are two confirmed Metas that we have intel on:
The first is Angela Fury, Drake's tall Red-skinned head of security, she seems to be the one leading the group. She's got an incredibly short temper, and an odd power. She's a living power plant, producing an incredible amount of energy. She's strong, quick, heals fast, and can expel some of that energy as concussive force. She's also really hot."
He stops at the others raised eyebrows. "I meant actual heat! She exhudes it as a byproduct."

He shakes his head, then his brief smile fades.
The other one I've identified is Derek... Phase."
His face becomes grim as he says the second name, as though that fact is somehow worse than the fact that the 'terrorists' are being led by the Right-hand of the worlds most public and popular mutant.

"As Felix and the Old man already know, 'Phase' is a young man, much like Frost or Grid, that we tried to recruit into our organization. He's a brilliant young man, who earned degrees in Physics, Thermodynamics, Chemistry, AND Biology by his early 20's. In medieval times they would have said he controlled the elements - earth, water, air, and fire. Now, we would say he can cause 'Phase Transition', basically heating or cooling something rapidly enough to shift it between Solid, Liquid, Gas, or even into a Plasma state.
Unfortunately, he rejected our offers rather pointedly.. He never believed we should hide, but that we were the evolutionary succession of the planet. Fortunately he didn't seem to believe violence was the answer. If the recent circumstances have changed that, well.. he's easily one of the most dangerous Meta's I know of."

Voda Vosa

"Yeah, we are in trouble. But, we also have an ace on our sleeves: This is Enoch, he can make your world go round and round just thinking about it. And we can leave the hot lady to our cool guy; for what I heard, Frost had a match with a meta with similar powers at the lab, and made him run with the tail between the legs." Uomo says, confident. "I think the top of the building would be a good entry point. Ground level will be covered in FBI assets, while inside the building would be jumping into the unknown. Jumping on top will grant us sufficient media coverage, there will probably be no terrorist on the roof, fearing snipers." Uomo suggests. "Once there, Grid can find a safe spot to hack into the security feed. Depending n what information we might extract with Grid's aid, we will either plant distractions: FBI swat teams bursting in the camera feeds to get the terrorist on their heels, and hopefully disperse them, while making a lockdown of wherever they are keeping the hostages. Is that doable Grid? Remember, we are trying to save these people, beating up terrorists is a bonus and should not be pursed in detriment of the main goal. So if we can make it nice and easy, we'll go that route. Material Girl, what other transformations can you produce? So far your metal one has been effective, but we might need something more if we are storming that castle. Specially, something that works in the three states of mater, solid, liquid and gaseous. Fulcrum, could you improvise an elevator? I mean something to step on on the outside of the building so we can get through the external windows." Uomo asks firstly.


Terry shrugs.

"It's like with the lab. If everything's cut off, I can't say for sure what I can access until I can start talking to the localized grid there. But if his security's as high end as it sounds, then it ought to be able to do what we want once I sweet talk it," he offers.


Cassandra looked distractedly at Uomo, dividing her attention between the video of the disasters, the hostage situation, and her own publisher's strident demands on her time. "Uh...elevator? Yeah, that's easy." She waved off the prospect of levitating hundreds of pounds of teammate high in the air. "But it won't be subtle. The FBI may take shots. The mutants inside will probably know we're there. Wouldn't that jeopardize the hostage?"

Voda Vosa

"We will have, hopefully, a full security feed on where and where not are the terrorists, and we will be approaching from an unexpected angle. If we can get your elevator close to the hostage detention area, we could get them out through there, and you can extract them to safety, thus avoiding the terrorist infected building. This is all preeliminary planing, we won't know what to do until we are there and Grid accesses the security systems. Adds Uomo. He gives a pat at Robert's shoulder. "You'll be fine, seems you've been practising your stuff, eh? Back in shape like in the old times? It sure hurts getting the rust off." he jokes, stretching his shoulder muscle.


‘If the information we have now is not enough…’ Felix repeated in his mind, checks puffed after Uomo brushed off his suggestion, he cooled off as the others spoke before replying “Any semi pure matter will work just as well: Metal included. If she is turned into a humanoid glob of metal it will be no different then when she was water, and if metal is forced into a gas, worst case scenario she will simply collect on the ground, but what I’m more worried about…” Felix’s brows scrunched together before he turned and looked to Sofa Girl “We don’t know what will happen if something forces a transformation onto you, even if it is one you’re normally able to easily do, it might just make it easier, and easily resistible, might fatigue you or possibly kill you out right just like anyone else, the Risk is nothing to ignore.” Felix breathed lowly, but audibly before shacking the thought off and moving on “I agree with using the roof, but I know Derek is not fool enough to hold them by an outside wall without an obverse and able means of terminating them, so I have another question for you, Cassandra” Felix continued as he turned to her “do you think you can rip through a, reinforced, building? Before hoisting out the hostages without crushing them with debris that is: because If Grid locates them before they know we’re there, and if their kept in a room alone, it will make the extraction swift and simple. By the time they can do anything about it we will have Lyon and will be moving away”

Felix then turned to Robert and asked “Do you think… is it still possible to reason with Derek? I don’t want to think of him as… an enemy…” Felix queried lowly, looking down and away at the end before clenching his teeth, the day just got worse and worse.
His teeth ground for a swift moment before he regained his composer and went back to scheming. “Regardless, I’m basically thinking of doing what I initially did in the lab: I should have an easier time navigating through Lyon’s house then a secret lab with an elaborate ventilation system”