Level Up (A5E) Gate Pass Gazzette Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Official Magazine! Only if it gets 500 backers!


I crit!
It needs 500plus backers to become a reality!

The Gate Pass Gazette is the official monthly magazine for Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition. Each month, this digital supplement comes crammed with new rules and resources for your game.

The first issue of the Gate Pass Gazette was released to backers of the Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Kickstarter for free. It included the artificer class, lycanthropy rules, the construct heritage, and the jabberwock monster.

Each issue contains four articles. The Gate Pass Gazette is official Level Up content from EN Publishing.

Welcome to Level Up, a standalone game which enhances the 5E ruleset which you know and love. If you love 5E but would like a little more depth to the rules, Level Up is the game for you!


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Level Up!

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