Gen Con Day One

Day One of Gen Con has come and gone, and honestly it is already nearly a blur. So many people, so many new things, and so many bright shiny things. The reports that I heard was that there are 60-70,000 people in attendance at the con. I took that picture yesterday about an hour before the opening of the exhibition hall.

When I was heading back to the hotel from the convention center last night, I started seeing on Twitter that Starfinder was sold out. Owen Stephens confirmed this this morning on Facebook. I'm also hearing from people on social media that the downloads on the Paizo webstore are really slow right now. Probably not a surprise. When the doors opened, and I made my way into the exhibition hall, the line to the Paizo booth was enormous within minutes. Crazy busy.

I did get a chance to speak briefly with Starfinder developer/designer James Sutter yesterday, and once I have a chance I will type up the notes. Sutter was very enthusiastic about the reception of the game already. He was wandering up and down the line of people purchasing Starfinderand signing their books for them.

The Green Ronin booth was also busy. They have a daily allotment of Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting books books available at the booth. Yesterday's allotment sold out and I expect that the same thing will happen each day. Preorders and people who arraigned to pick up their books aren't impact by this. If you want a copy of the Critical Role setting, you might want to make sure that you hit the Green Roninbooth early.

I have yet to hear breaking news that we haven't already reported. The announcement of Green Ronin making a game based on The Expanse has been getting a lot of excitement.

The exhibitor's hall is even bigger than it was two years ago, the last time I came to Gen Con, and I am still getting the lay of the land and figuring out who is where. There is a lot to see. Chaosium has a limited ashcan of their upcoming new edition of Runequest. White Wolf is running demos of Vampire 5E, and their tables are keeping busy with that. Ken Hite has been around the demo area, running demos for people.

While Wizards of the Coast does not have a booth, their games are being repped at the Gale Force Nine booth (and of course, every retailer on the floor).

That is it for now. Typing this up from my tablet is proving more challenging than I expected. I will try to post another update tonight, otherwise I will talk to you all tomorrow. If you're interested in seeing pictures and videos from the show as I go, follow me on Twiter at @dorkland.

More to come.

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Starfinder sold out in like 6 hours or something like that. Bunch of us stopped by Paizo both about 11 on Wed between gaming sessions and the line was friggin' long.

Lines for getting into the vendor hall were inane (in 4 days I spent 2 hours in the vendor hall, so eh).

After last year I was glad that they spread out into the Lucas Oil Stadium, it didn't feel as packed as it did the last couple of years - at least just from my vantage point as I went to and fro between games. And supposedly they had a lot more hotel space available.

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