Get to know the Giant Book of Battle Mats (62 A3 Wipe clean RPG Encounter mats with 1 inch grid in a lay flat book) Tool for GMs


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Hi all, this thread is about my new RPG Encounter Mats book the Giant Book of Batte Mats. It is essentially a tool for GMs to help reduce game preparation time and inspire some random encounters! Ideal if you don't like drawing maps (or even if you do but would like more time to devote to big projects) this book will also travel with you.

The Giant Book of Battle Mats is the ideal set of fantasy mats to keep your party rolling through any and every random encounter.

giant-book-of-battle-mats-Cover.jpg giant-book-of-battle-mats-rear-cover.jpg

62 wipe clean map pages will lead you through dungeons, along winding marsh tracks, past suspicious looking lairs and even into throne rooms on your quest for danger, excitement and treasure. And very possibly a little bit of a fight.

Designed to spark the imagination, illustrate and track encounters using the handy grid format, the Giant Book of Battle Mats offers endless flexibility. You can use each map individually or use the lay flat format to combine the complimentary opposing maps as one larger two-page spread version.

15-16-Autumn-Ruins-A3.jpg 41-42-Warehouse.jpg

Loke Battle Mats Books are books of wipe clean lay flat RPG maps and dungeons in handy book format. Seriously handy for reducing game prep time! The original Big Book of Battle Mats won the UK Games Expo People’s Choice Award for Best Accessory 2018 and the Giant book picks up where the Big Book left off.

At twice the size of our original Big Book of Battle Mats (the Giant Book is A3 opening to A2 in size) the encounter mats are larger with more details. Sticking to the fantasy theme, the encounter mats available here, 62 in all, will bring to life all of your encounter locations.

51-52-Winding-Alley-Rooftops.jpg 25-26-Graveyard-A3.jpg

The Giant book of Battle Mats features

  • A3 page format opening to A2 (approx 11x16 inches opening to 22x16)
  • 62 wipe clean Battle mat pages for RPG encounters
  • Fantasy themed
  • 1 inch grid throughout
  • Complimentary maps on opposing pages creating an A2 map
  • Wire bound spine gives handy lay flat format
  • Designs ranging from dungeons to caves, castles, swamps, deserts and graveyards.

The Giant Book of Battle Mats also features designs which line up across multiple books, so two or more books can be used to create larger more complex scenarios.

So it’s over to you! Roll for initiative………
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Well, that was fun
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I'm so excited about the sci-fi maps. Gridded sci-fi maps are much rarer than fantasy ones, so I grab them whenever I can.


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Hi Morrus,

Thanks, it's looking good for an April release for the Sci-Fi books.

These are a few 2-page spreads from the Giant Sci-Fi book.

23-24 Airlock and Corridors.jpg 33-34 Hulk A3.jpg 27-28 Engineering A3.jpg 47-48-Asteroid-Field-A3.jpg

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