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What's a Wiki?​

A wiki page is one which anybody can edit. Like Wikipedia (the most famous wiki), a wiki is used for collaborative work.

Anybody can create a wiki page, and anybody can edit it.


To create a header or subheader use this notation:

[h1]Header Text[/h1]

There are four levels of header, from h1 down to h4.

Table of Contents​

When you have three or more headers on your page, a table of contents will be created automatically.

Discussion Threads​

You can start a discussion thread from the "Discussion" tab on a wiki page. If a discussion thread already exists, you will be taken to it, otherwise you will create a new thread. Be sure to select an appropriate forum.

Your discussion thread won't automatically have the WIKI thread prefix. You must select that manually when creating the thread. This lets people see at a glance that it is a wiki thread.


If your text contains the name of an existing wiki page, it will automatically turn into a link to that page. for example, if I type Class Guides, you can see that links to that page. This isn't perfect, and sometimes you might need to tweak the link or manually link instead.


There's a full list of templates here.

Icon Rows​

For a menu of images with tidy square icons and labels.

So for this template you add attachments, and use the filenumber of the attachment (eg 119071 is the tiamat image). It automatically sorts them into rows and sizes them at 100px x 100px. You'll need to click the "Edit" link to see what the code above looks like. It's fairly simple.

The templates used are iconSTART, iconROW, and iconEND.

Book Rows​

You can replace iconROW with bookROW if you want the images to have book proportions rather than squares (keep iconSTART and iconEND though):


Feel free to use the Sandbox to practice.

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