Review Giantlands, reviewed by David Flor on Twitter.


I crit!
I guess there was a private Giantlands fan site that wonderfilled asked and got access to and then messages started getting deleted etc…. Not sure if this was before or after the review in the top post.

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OK, what the heck is up with the font? Was it specifically chosen for its "old school" feel? Or was this thing actually typewritten?

Edit: And then copied on an old photocopier that was running out of ink? Or possibly mimeographed?


And because irony knows no bounds, Dinehart is pushing a "how to write rpgs" promo. Judging by the reviews of Giantlands, I don't think folks should really be listening to Steve's advice.


Threatening to sue somebody over a bad review?
It's more common than you think.

Hollywood and Disney has taken a different approach. They deny early access to reviewers who leave anything but glowing, positive reviews. If you job is to review something then early access is the difference between dollars and cents. This became apparent when independent reviewers lost their access to Marvel and Star Wars when they didn't give high praise to movies like Captain Marvel or The Last Jedi. Reviewers also lost early access and their Disneyland Magic Key Pass™ when they were critical of the new Star Wars sets, and that was years ago. The latest Star Wars attraction Star Wars hotel called "Galactic Starcruiser" is by far the cheapest (low quality) in design, concept, and construction. There was no early access and Disney pulled the plug on their advertisements after fan backlash. From word of mouth, independent reviewers were never given early access to the SW hotel, and that tightening is happening throughout the Star Wars franchise as we're seeing the same thing in video games.


Front Range Warlock
There was a time when RPGNow (prior to the OneBookShelf partnership) mandated nothing but positive, 5-star, reviews by staff reviewers (now called "featured reviewers") after a number of publishers threw absolute tantrums over getting anything less. I'm unsure if that policy is still in place, but it led to me parting ways with RPGNow (I was the head of the staff review department, drafted the original mission statement, and hired the original staff reviewers). I still don't trust featured reviewers there on the off chance that the policy is still in place.

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