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Gleemax on death row, news at 11.

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Wizards have a big 'gleemax announcement' on their flash intro to the wizards site. It turns out that they're canning gleemax in september in favour of DNDI. Looks like they're really pushing their pay-to-play option, and really who can blame them?

That said - lots of people aren't going to fall in line, which could mean a major influx of posters here and on other DND forum sites.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this - I couldn't really see another forum that fit, and I figured 4e is going to be the area that's really hit by it.

Edit: A closer reading of the blog post contains a faint hope that the forums might not be shut down - it really depends on whether wizards considers them to be a part of gleemax or not. The post says:

"Our plan is to shut down Gleemax completely sometime in September... ...Meanwhile, I encourage you to head over to the Wizards forums. The Wizards online community continues to thrive, and there should be lots of fun stuff to talk about over the coming months, including our digital offerings."

Which is really neither here nor there.

Second edit: A comment on the blog post, posted by randyb states:

"The forums are alive and well, and maintenance of them will actually get more resources thanks to this decision. (They will probably migrate off of gleemax.com and back to wizards.com, but that's the only change I expect.)"
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From what I understand, Wizards realizes that its digital sectors are lacking in experience and resources, so they're prioritizing DNDI and MO over Gleemax. They'll still have forums, just not gleemax.


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I applaud WotC's effort for trying to centralize the gaming community, but they just shouldn't have really bothered. And truth be told, their PBP forums suck. I mean... they work as forums... but they're nothing they could be. If you want to see PBP forums, check out http://www.myth-weavers.com.


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the wizard forums are not going away as far as I can tell.
this was was posted on there forums also
A post by randyb on his blog states
"The forums are alive and well, and maintenance of them will actually get more resources thanks to this decision.


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The forums are staying, the blogs are going... I'll try to get more information on the gleemax games...

This announcement was hardly surprising. I don't know if my voice swayed any opinions or was even heard up the chain, but it's one I suggested as the logical one for the company to take. They just didn't have the resources for everything they had to do, and it was FAR more important to concentrate on their core products.

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