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GMT+10ish Gamers Wanted! Online 5E Adventure


First Post
Hi there, we're playing a 5E game loosely set in Faerun. We have both veteran and new players, so any level of experience is welcome. The game is reasonably balanced between RP and combat/exploration. We play weekly on Wednesday nights, 8:15 AEDT and sessions usually run for 2-3 hours. The party is currently level 5. We're looking for 2-4 players to add to the roster and I'm sure the party would appreciate a tank :p

The game is played on Roll20 with discord for communication. We're an English speaking group based in Australia but more than willing to accept other nationalities who can play at this time regularly.

Feel free to ask for more information if you're interested in joining!

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Peace Among Worlds
I am sorely tempted to try. I've got thousands of hours of GMing experience, so it will probably take me no more than a session to evaluate if you're a good GM or not; if you are, I'll try my best to stick to you like glue (I never get access to a good GM as a player), if not, I'll bow out.

The real issue is...the temporal gulf between me and Australia is a VAST one. Like, I think my noon might be your midnight or your 2AM. Perhaps there is some way we could work around this, I don't know.

Another reason I'm interested is that I also know almost nothing about Faerun and learning by playing is a great way to learn.

Explanatory Note Mainly For Curious Or Offended Third Parties: when I talk about a "good GM", I mean in the most objective sense possible so we're not taking playstyles. Just universal stuff like spotlight management, GM keeping the action moving briskly in combat, etc.


First Post
Apologies for the late reply, I was checking this regularly until I was snowed under by responses from another site and had nothing here.

I'm willing to try if you are but: the time isn't very negotiable. It's hard enough getting people to agree on a time when we're all in the same timezone, let alone changing it for someone halfway around the world; I only know surface level stuff about Faerun myself, it's more that it's both a storied and vast setting that I can use or not use as I see fit; my spotlight management could use some work.

Let me know what you think.

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