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Kickstarter Go beyond the narrative with the Wanderer Gamebook+ System!


The Wanderer Gamebook+ System is a hybrid gamebook and solo RPG. Inspired by such classics as the Fighting Fantasy Series, Lone Wolf, and Tunnels and Trolls, it features a thrilling story that puts you at the center of a quest for justice in an age when few have the courage to stand.

As a Gamebook+ it goes beyond the paragraph narrative to give you expanded replay value. Following the story there are rules for crafting your own solo adventures, as well as guidelines for turning them into gameboks of your own to share with friends!

We're in our fifth day of funding and going very strong. We met our goal within three hours. Things are going swimmingly. I'm hoping to get even more support to make the book and the rest of the series that much more fun.

Check us out at this link!

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Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters