D&D 3E/3.5 Going Shoggey - Curse or Blessing?

Concerning Slaine the-Role-Playing-Game of Celtic-Heroes. I allowed this player (Who might have had issue with what I was talking about on another thread named "This Worries me a Little") to create a Human who was born as a Shoggey-Beast (Slaine's answer to the Common Werewolf...) as detailed on pages 167, 168, 169 strictly advertised as a Monster-Shapeshifter. Although, you think it's just begging to be used as template for player characters. Which is what I have done, but would you think it's more of a curse than a blessing and enough of curse that he still gets all his perks for being human or should I remove some of those perks or all of them?

BTW, I have made him a born-Shoggey-Beast and not one that is magically bestowed with it. This is a permanent affliction unaffected by any attempts to remove it. I only allowed him to be a Shoggey-Beast after rolling under 75% on 1d100 roll. He was successful, and was bestowed with the head of a Wolf with graceful body one size larger than he usually is. A full quadruped with fish fins instead legs and the antlers of a Deer.

I then decided that maybe he should have flippers instead of fins. Although, it's not part of the description, and this makes him more like one of the Selkie types. (The Seal-Folk). Yeah, he's just a very large Seal with a wolf's head bearing antlers. The wolve's head gives him biting and tripping (Not sure how the latter works exactly.), the Graceful-Body, gives him +4 to dexterity & +2 to Strength. Being Full quadruped limits his limb attacks to none at all, but increases his movement by 10 feet. While the Fins/Flippers nullify that boost of speed by -10 feet, but only out of water. In Water he can swim at 50 Feet. I have increased this to 60 Feet for being a Full Quadruped. The antlers give him head butt, but that is all it says about that.

He is also classified as Large, rather than Medium and has a Damage Reduction of 5/Enchanted while in Shoggey-form (Does this get calculated into AC?)

As a DM, I feel really awful that he rolled this badly for his Shoggey-Shape... He really likes the idea of Werewolves....
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