D&D 5E Goliath and Tasha's custom race question


In Tasha's Cauldron of Everything you can edit out parts of a Race/Sub-Race and add in new parts. Such as
Stat Point for Stat Point
Skill for Skill
Language for Language
Weapon for Weapon

But, what about a feature? Like for example the Goliath has 3 features:
  1. Stone's Endurance - minus 1d12+con mod as a Reaction 1/Short Rest
  2. Powerful Build - can manipulate weight as a Large Creature
  3. Mountain Born - Resistance to Cold damage and can operate normally at elevations above 20k feet
Can you swap out one of those Feats for another Feat? Like let's say from another Race if you want to say there is some Elven; Dwarven; Orc heritage in there somewhere? Or even from the Feats you can choose?

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