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Good epic-tier slot items for an implement user


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So, I'm trying to look at what the wish-list for my epic-tier sorcerer, and I'm not finding a lot that excites me.

The arm, hands, waist, feet, and head slots all have great stuff for weapon-users. Re-roll any 1's on damage...Bag an extra +3d6 on charge attacks...Iron armbands pretty much go without mention...And the list just goes on. But not so much love for the casters. Huge discrepency.

The GM's last parcel essentially gave me a choice of any level 27 item, or a level 28 arm-slotter. Anyone thoughts on what I should get?

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Yeah, not much love there...

Without knowing your character and what other items he has, it's kinda hard to suggest what you should get, but these are the level 27 items that look somewhat interesting..





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Well, I'm a sorcerer who likes to blow stuff up. Like most sorcerers, lightning and thunder play a big role. Need defense, need attack bonuses, need damaage.

Right now at 24th level, I have:

Quickbeam Staff of Ruin +6 (the only thing that lets me keep up with iron armbands)
Anathema Armor of Resistance +5
Liar's Trinket +5
Boots of Quickness (paragon)

That's pretty much it.
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