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D&D 5E Gooey Cube's World of Zyathé


An awesome new Kickstarter was promoted on this forum recently and I'm here to tell you that it's worth a look.

Full disclosure, I am a fan, and a contributor to the product. But I am not an employee of the company. I have a vested interest in seeing this initiative succeed as it publishes works I and many others have submitted to it. And this is unique. The creative variety as a result is incredible. And it's open to all who would like to bring their creative ideas to it.

But it's based on a spectacular world, game philosophy, and initial campaign. This make it not only fun, but limitless in it's creative possibility. Inspiration runs freely in the community. I highly recommend you give it a look and see why the average pledge is over $300. I am running the campaign right now for a group of 5 players all with over 20 year RPG experience and they tell me that this is some of the best games they have ever played.

The product is real. The quality is real. And it will change the way you play D&D forever. It's not a risk to back it, you will get vastly more than you paid for in return.

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