TSR Guess what other trademark has recently lapsed?


Well, that was fun
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With all this talk of the TSR trademark, guess what else appears to have lapsed? The trademark for the word GYGAX has related to roleplaying and board games was held by the late D&D co-creator Gary Gygax's wife, Gail Gygax, but was abandoned in early 2019.


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It's still active for computer and other interactive games, including role-playing games. So it seems confusing. does that mean only computer rpgs, and not tabletop rpgs?

Edit But it seems the TM for magazines has been abandon as well, so they could bring back Gygax magazine if I'm reading that right.
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The time has come to start up a new TTRPG game: GYGAXED!

And the best part is, TSR can't sue for it right now.................patent pending.


To correct some trademark misconceptions in here, just because a trademark registration is abandoned, does not mean that the trademark rights are available, the owner could still be using the mark for the described goods or services and still retain common law rights.

Also, a trademark registration is directed to described goods or services and even common law trademarks are generally for goods and services for which the mark was used (and protect against confusingly similar usages), so even if GYGAX was registered or there were just common law rights to such mark for RPGs and board games, that likely wouldn't stop GYGAX friend chicken chains or tire shops.

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