Gwendolynn Von Holden's Diary: Can't a girl get some sleep around here?


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Week 5 day 2

Ahhhhh. Feel much better after healing myself. No one came after us last night, so I think we are going to stay here again and then attack the outpost tomorrow. We'll be spending today trying to come up with a plan. Wish someone had a spell to quench those burning hands!

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Week 5 Day 3

I'm writing this from the top of the outpost. It looks like the cleanest part of the building and at least we will have some warning if ogres enter below.

We decided to go for a frontal attack since they were going to be expecting us anyway. It was Ardel's job to mix it up with the alligators and ogres while Ternell and Aaron gave him support. Korliss and Chani were to wait with arrows and Falon and I were to wait with our spells until the wizard showed himself. The idea was to fire everything at him as soon as he opened a window.

When we approached the end of the forest before the clearing of the outpost, Falon cast a spell on Ardel that made him even stronger than before. He took off running toward the tower and yelling like an ogre late to dinner. His ax slashed through an ogre and came down to hit a gator. He had swung six times before Aaron and Ternell started mixing it up. The wizard popped out and was met with a flurry of spells and arrows. I think only Falon's magic missiles hit him that time, and he seemed much more concerned with Ardel. Burning hands started groping Ardel as the ogres swung and gators gnashed their teeth into him. He suddenly grew larger and hit with a fury I had never seen before. He ran right into the outpost and started knocking ogres this way and that. Arrows started hitting the wizard and I got a few digs into his mind, and he stopped opening the shutters. We began mixing it up with the ogres and gators and when we were done, there was a trail of bodies from the forest to the second floor of the tower. Including Ardel's. In the end, an ogre ax met his stomach, and I turned away as soon as my eyes fell on his body.

The wizard had burned many papers before fleeing, so I'm guessing there is information about other outposts that we will never know about. Aaron has removed the ax from Ardel and is trying to bind his body so that we can keep it until we are able to resurrect him. I hope he wishes to come back, but if not, he had a glorious death.


Ah, Gwen neglected to mention the part where Aaron attacked with his greatsword at the doorway to the tower. I had described the tower as being very adobe-like. It was built very stout with hardened adobe brick. The group was trying to push back the ogres at the doorway. Aaron attacked and completely botched the attack roll. With as much force as he could muster, he slammed his greatsword into the doorjamb, shattering it.

Keep this event in mind for the future, because the group as a whole never let him live it down. ;)


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Outpost: End of first week

Times tried to venture out of the outpost: 3 Times thought of returning to Ft. Greerson: 50

Times Krystal has encouraged me to return to Ft. Greerson: 100

Bah. At first this outpost seemed great. We could rest with a bit of protection and had food to get us by. But of course we argue, we leave, ogres whoop our butts every which way as my brothers used to say, and we return. I miss my brothers. I wonder how Geoff is doing. Is he stuck in some run down tower like me or home victorious? I wish I knew. These people in my group make comments like anything is better than being back with their family, and I just don't understand. Chani never wants to see her parents again. Can you imagine? Well of course not, because really I'm writing to myself and I can't imagine not wanting to see my parents again. I guess Korliss might steal this again and read it. It'd serve him right all those nasty things I said about him pages ago.

Anyway, we're all in a pretty bad mood, I guess. Chani sits in the corner mumbling to herself. She says she's practicing, but she never sings for the group unless we're in battle. What kind of bard doesn't sing for the group at night? Then Ternell and Aaron mumble in another corner about the ways of Pter. You'd think they'd try to tell us more about their god, but they don't seem to be interested in new followers. Just as well. I've never cared for followers of Pter so I can't imagine following Him. The only good thing I've seen Him do is return Korliss to us and even that has become suspect. Falon talks to the sword everynight. I wish Algalarond could carry us out of here, but being in prison kind of puts a damper on that. And Ardel lays there being dead. At least Aaron has put some sort of spell on him so that he is not rotting away. Still, disgusting to look at.


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Outpost, Week 2 Day 2

Author's note: The below mentioned monster is a barghest (sp?) however, Gwen had no idea what the name of it was nor did anyone else in the party, so in her notes she calls it a 'spectral wolf' which is what I did here.

Woke up last night to a tremendous row, although the sounds seemed muffled in my dreamy haze. When I rolled over, I saw Ternell and Aaron trying to beat back this bluish wolf type creature. They were yelling for everyone to wake up, but only Korliss was shuffling over. Everyone else appeared to be still asleep. Ternell and Aaron had gashes on their faces and arms, but the wolf was unharmed. It looked like they were hitting the thing with the blunt part of their weapons because the blows just kept bouncing off without doing any damage.

I stayed laying down and focused all of my energy on the wolf's mind. It was strange to be connected to it this time. In prior battles, I have been so worried about my own life, I haven't paid too much attention to my mind pain spell after getting it to work. But this time, I could feel the wolf's consciousness being ripped away as if I was ripping his mind in two with my hands. The wolf began to howl in pain as I kept the spell going, and soon it was lying lifelessly with blood gushing out of it's nose and ears. Korliss, Ternell and Aaron stood staring at it with their mouths hanging open. I'm sure they were wondering when they had gotten a hit in on its head. I just turned over and went back to sleep.

This morning, Aaron told all of us about this wolf that had floated in through the window and attacked them. They weren't sure how they had taken it down, but they had. I wonder if it was some sort of spectral wolf. But then how could I connect with its mind? Do spirits have minds? They seemed to have been hitting it with their swords, just not very affectively. Sometimes I think I would be able to make it back through the forest on my own.


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Wow, Gwen really is very "Bridgit Jones", isn't she? The two "loves" of her life are her career (Psy), & Men, and she's always obsessing over one, or the other...! At sixteen, she wasn't even aware of them? She's done a one-eighty, on that!

Poor, crazy, confused kid! You just know this isn't going to end well! :heh:


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Raise Thread

Hello! It has been a couple of years since I have added to this story hour. I haven't been writing at all during that time. But, I think it is time to get back to it. BSF is going to start a new campaign in an alternate Greerson world with Gwen in it, so I get to start playing again which I also have not been doing for a couple of years. I thought it would be good for some of the new players to read a bit about the world but worried this had been deleted. Since it has not, I will raise it now and hopefully start working on it again soon. Thanks for reading!

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