Kickstarter Gyllagoon's Island


The Merciless Merchants have just finished a successful kickstarter--Voyages on the Zontani Sea, and are now doing a quick and dirty kickstarter to get one of our stretch goals finished. It's all written, edited, and most of the layout is complete--just need some more art.

"Shipwrecked upon a deserted island the party soon realizes they are not alone. Populated by intelligent and savage red haired apes, the heroes must fight for survival and find a means for getting off the jungle island. These hungry apes are eager for the taste of man flesh and are ruled over by something not of this world that thrives on hunting and terrorizing intruders within its domain..." An adventure using Old School Essentials for levels 5-7.

Thanks for your consideration.

Gyllagoon's Island Kickstarter


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