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Yubi's Adventures presents!

Sentima: Sundered Wilds, the newest tabletop role-playing game for 1-6 players, will soon be on Kickstarter!
Get ready to embark on a journey like no other as your crew of insectoid explorers travel the vast, mutated wildernesses of Sentima’s sky islands. In this game, you'll face deadly obstacles every step of the way as you seek after rich troves of treasure, eldritch energy, and valuable monster organs.

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As an Explorer, you will dive into the weird and deadly sky-seas of Sentima. You get to play as one of twelve insect tribes, build and crew your own airship, and explore the energy-warped ecosystems of each island. You could raid an ancient tomb, wipe a pirate outpost off the map, or take down a legendary behemoth to advance your character by crafting powerful new weapons and items with the loot you gather on your expeditions. However, the journey won't be easy.
  • 12 playable Tribes, each with 3 different professions.
  • Build, crew, and sail your very own airship between islands. Or catch a ride of the locals!
  • Explore otherworldly, energy-warped ecosystems. Collect energy to use as boosts in items and weapons.
  • Investigate, research ingredients, gather and craft from 45 Different tags. Freestyle or use ready recipes.
  • Weather raging energy storms. Affects change as you play.
  • Survive unforgiving terrain, wounds, and illnesses. Use the surrounding to heal, rest and prep ahead.
  • Battle hostile locals and monstrously mutated creatures and behemoths.

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As a Trail Guide(GM), guide your players through the perilous wilderness of Sentima, pitting them against unnatural weather, ruthless sailors, and mutated monsters. Influence the tone of the game with the colors of Sentima—red for battle, blue for horror, yellow for adventure, and green for survival - All tools and guides provided to ensure a smooth Trail Guide experience.

Sentima: Sundered Wilds offers a rules-light system with classless characters and advancement focused on equipment and crafting. The rules of the game focus on the ways your explorers handles Sentima’s wilderness, with systems for combat, exploration, weather, investigation, research, hunting and gathering, and crafting.


The World
Long ago, Sentima’s surface was blasted apart in the Shattering. Today, the fragments of land that remain float in a sea of sky over the bare, molten core below, held up by hearts of corestone. The few creatures that survived were forever changed.
Four strange, eldritch winds were formed in the Shattering. The energies carried by these winds twist everything they touch, creating wonderful and horrific mutations in wildlife, strange anomalies on islands, and powerful energy storms in the open sky.
  • Red Boreas brings ferocity and aggression. Its winds carry boiling rain and lightning, its creatures are raging killing machines, and its tribes take what they want by force.
  • Blue Zephyrus nurtures cunning and intellect. Its winds carry creeping fog and paranoia, its creatures are sly stalkers and trappers, and its tribes use knowledge to survive.
  • Yellow Sirocco grants insight and unity. Its winds carry calm gyres and heat waves, its creatures are keen and cooperative, and its tribes rely on teamwork to hold their own.
  • Green Eurus grows a primal hunger. Its winds carry monsoons and blooms of life, its creatures are tough and adaptable, and its tribes work with their ecosystems.
Today, bold explorers from Sentima’s sentient insectoid tribes sail the sky-sea in ships that float on corestone centers, in search of adventure, riches, and fame.


Explore strange lands
The sky-sea of Sentima is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. You’ll explore 3 layers...
  • The windswept badlands of the Canopy, an upper layer of deadly storms.
  • The many islands of the Between, ruled by every kind of tribe and behemoth.
  • The dark and desolate rocks of the Haunt, eclipsed by the clouds and islands above.
And sail between otherworldly landmarks like...
Bioluminescent jungles and rainwater seas.
Giant sky-beasts and long-abandoned shipwrecks.
Crystal shoals and stark deserts.
Winding hives and mushroom forests.
Pirate outposts and rotting wastelands.
And many more!

During April we will release a free testpack that will include a one shot!
So follow us on Twitter, Join the Discord or sign up to be notified when we launch!

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