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PF2E Half-blood. What are your ideas or suggestions for new mixtures?

If you could create new half-blood PCs, what would you choose, what would you suggest for future sourcebooks?

Ogre-orc, orc-goblin, goblin-hobgobling, hobgoblin-bugbear, ogre-bugbear, elf-halfing (elfling), human-dwarf, dwarf-gnome (gullies from Dragonlance), celadrin (elf planetouched r feytouched), goblin-kobold (gremling!?), human-gnome (Tyrion Lannister), half-ogre, half-giant (open licence), half-unicorn(!?), human-hobgoblin, half-gnoll?, half-oni, kobold-dragonborn?

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It looks like this is also going to be the case for Aasimar and Tiefling PCs so you could have an Aasimar Dwarf or a Tielfing Elf.


I do not think kobolds would mix with most races other than Iruxi/lizardfolk and maybe gnomes based on some sort of weird First World morphology. I also do not think goblinoid admixtures make sense: I think if you are a mixed goblinoid you just favour one of your parents and are functionally that race.

I understad your doubts about kobolds mixing with any no reptomammal humanoid, but some dragons would dare to use magic to create the "perfect slave".

Planetouched half-blood are possible. I dare to imagine a dwarf with aphorite blood.


Steeliest of the dragons
The Hybrid Species
Half-Elf (human/elf, elf/half-elf, or 2 half-elves)
Half-Dwarf (human/dwarf=the Dwuman, dwarf/elf=Dwelfling, dwarf/gnome=derro, dwarf/halfling=stout halflings that can count as Medium-sized)
Half-Dragon (human/dragon)

Hybrid, the Mongrels
Half-Orc (human/orc, variant: goblin/orc, variant: ogre/orc=orog)
Hobgoblin (human/goblin)
Half-Ogre (human/ogre, "goliaths")
Half-Lycanthrope ("shifters")

Hybrid, the Planars
Half-Elemental (human/air/earth/fire/water, variant: human/genie=jann)
Half-Fiend (human/demon=cambion, human/devil=tiefling)
Half-Celestial (human/celestial)
Half-Fae (human/fae being, variant: changling, variant: firbolg)