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Troll Lord Games is proud to bring you Gary Gygax’s Hall of Many Panes .

An Adventure of Such Epic Proportions that it would not fit in one book! Gary Gygax’s long anticipated Hall of Many Panes comes in a solid 11 x 8.5 inch box that is deep enough to hold ALL THREE 80+ page full-size adventure books that comprise this wild, high level adventure. With the adventure comes a fourth full-size book, containing 20 pages of art and maps! Reasonably priced at $39.95 The Hall of Many Panes brings customers more fun for their adventuring dollar.

The Hall of Many Panes plunges the adventuring party into a dimensional matrix from which they must find their own way out. They find themselves on a long, thin ramp, ethereal darkness all about them. By looking up, or down, they spy strange shimmering lights. These are the panes of the Great Hall and lead to other worlds in time and space. The characters are pitted against all manner of eldritch beasts and magic. Gary Gygax’s Hall of Many Panes is written in the classic style of sword and sorcery fantasy literature and is sure to grip players in many nights of pizza eating, soda drinking, dice throwing fun!

The Hall of Many Panes is suitable for a party of six d20 adventurers of 8th or greater level.

As you recover your senses from the mind-wrenching effect of the force behind whatever magic it was that the Danneen deity called Bili sent at you, it becomes plain that you have been sent to some “elsewhere.” It doesn’t seem to be the brazen floor of some hell, but it doesn’t look very promising otherwise…

It appears as if you have been transferred to the interior of a vast cylinder. Although there is no sunlight in this space, the air itself seems to glow, or is it that there are motes of radiance in the atmosphere? Whatever the cause, you can see quite clearly for several hundred feet even though there is darkness as intense as the light in this eerie space.

You are standing on a long ramp that spirals upwards and downwards. Although the ramp has no wall at its edge, the 29 feet of its width give you ample assurance of safety—at least if not too close to its inner edge. It must be two or three bowshots across to the other side of the cylinder, a strange cylindrical hall. As you near the inner edge of the ramp, look downwards, then up, the tower, or whatever it is that surrounds this hall, must be very, very tall. You can see no bottom below, no trace of ceiling above, only the strange glowing and dark air—that and the very unusual shapes that float in that air.

As far below the place where your party stands, on the same plane, and as far above you there are strangely shaped planes of glowing color visible. There are discs and lozenges, hexagons and ovals, squares and rectangles, and even triangles. They range the entire spectrum from tints and shades of red on up through the violet hues. They are floating, moving slowly in three dimensions.

The slow movement reminds you of a stately dance. As you spend a minute in rapt contemplation, an oval plane the color of translucent moss moves near the place where your party stands. It is as large as the gate to a castle, hovers only about a foot from the edge of the spiraling ramp.

You have come to the Hall of Many Panes a “dimensional matrix” where alternate planes and spheres exist within the cosmic multiverse, the “elsewhere”.

Pre-orders Now being taken.

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Darrin Drader

Well, I've got some mad money to play with, and the World's Largest Dungeon is already en-route, so I might just preorder this puppy. Its great to see Gygax doing another epic adventure!

BTW, the link to the preorder doesn't seem to be working.


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Okay, so this supposedly went to print near the beginning of Feburary. Any word on how much longer before it makes it to the distributors? I’ve been excited about this book for some time, and it’s hard to be patient.
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Ed Cha

Community Supporter
I love the boxed sets! Those cost money, but they are so cool. I'm sure you guys didn't NEED to get the box, but you did despite the cost. Now that's dedication to the hobby! ;)


I'm not sure I love boxed sets, because the boxes always get squished and I lose stuff out of them. But they do have a certain charm.

I guess 2005 is the year they make a comeback, though. Mongoose, with some of their cities for Conan. Judges Guild/Necromancer plan to put out a boxed set for Wilderlands. And now this...


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