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Patreon Handimonsters: New 5e Monsters Every Week! A Free Monster Every Month!

Hey everyone! It's the first Monday of a new month, so that means a free monster for everyone!

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Hölingeans are free-minded giants that want to learn all the magics and don't have a lot of moral questions about how to accomplish this goal. They were one of the very first monsters we made for Handimonsters and now they're today's free sample!

Check them out, and, if you like what we're doing, please support us by becoming a patron: https://www.patreon.com/posts/free-monster-48172503
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Today we updated our new monster. Traditionally, we've just offered a bit of an extended writeup and adventure suggestion. Today's update is similar but can also serve as an in-world bit of research or clue for your players. Check out the Patreon update now!

Sure enough, it's another Monday and that means another Monster:


You'll find this week's monster in the deep woods, where the veils between worlds are thin. Watch where you tread, as the Shademoss devours all...

Join our #Handimonsters #Patreon (http://handimonsters.com) for a brand new #5e monster every week, complete with a full run of stats, all of its lore and history, and plot-hooks for your scenarios.

Plus you can get full digital art, paper minis and #VTT tokens - all ready to nom your party!

Here's a new spin on things! The Heartwood Sprite is Miniscule size, a new size category for 5e to address exactly how small of a creature such sprites are. We figure that other folks might want to do the same, so we're releasing the Miniscule rules as a mini-SRD (pun not intended) under the OGL. Check out this post on Patreon for all the details.


It's another Monster Monday today, and we're introducing the Mudmaster. A parasitic wasp of unusually dangerous size that can present a real challenge to the party with its ability to make difficult terrain and also reduce a character's initiative count. Once they capture you, they seal you into the hive and implant larvae that eat you from the inside out, alive.

Check it out here.


It's the first Monday of April, so that means it's time for another free monster: www.patreon.com/handimonsters

The Swamp Boulder is a strange monster that at first might seem nigh-invincible, but careful observation will allow smart characters a way to defeat it. Art and design by Jon Hodgson! Get it for free today, and sign up to support us, if you can.

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