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Handy elvish insults and phrases.


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here are a few elvish (sindarin insults) you can use to confuse your friends...
Your head is empty. ~ Dôl lín cofn or Dôl lín lost.
Cowardly dog! ~ Hû ú-gaun!
Go kiss an orc! ~ Mítho orch!
I hate you! ~ Le fuion!
Listen to my laughter! ~ Lasto al lalaith nín!
Much wind pours from your mouth. ~ Súlon gwanna nîf lín. (Lit. A big wind departs your face.)
Son of snakes! ~ Lýgion! or ion lýg!
You disgust me! ~ Le fuion! (Lit. I feel disgust at you.)[/B]
You’re ugly and your mother dresses you. ~ Thiach uanui a naneth lín le hamma.
You are stupid. ~ Le uchann.
Orc lover! ~ Orvelethron! Or feminine orvelethril!
You are hideous! ~ Thiach uanui! (Lit. You appear hideous!)

:p now say that with a big smile on your face. :D

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and of course, here are some orcish phrases to enjoy
Ashdautas Vrasubatlat" -- "Someday I will kill you" (A standard Orcish greeting)
"Nar Udautas" -- "Not today" (The standard reply)
"Nar Mat Kordh-Ishi" -- "Do not die in bed" (This has several meanings)
"Ang Gijak-Ishi" (Angijak)-- "Iron in the Blood" (A high compliment)
"Lul Gijak-Ishi" (Lulgijak) -- "Flowers in the Blood" (usually in reference to Elves)
"Amal shufar, at rrug" -- "Where there's a whip, there's a way."
"Snaga nar baj lufut" -- "Slaves don't make war."
"Ambor mabas lufut" -- Liquor after war"
"Vras gruiuk" -- "Kill the women"
"Mabaj nar armauk" -- "I have no enemies" (an Orcish lament)
"Mabaj bot ob armauk" -- "I have a world of enemies"
"Mirdautas vras" -- "It is a good day to kill"
"Vrasubatburuk ug butharubatgruiuk" -- "We will kill all the men and sodomize all the women" (The Orcish equivalent of 'cheers')

Orcish Oaths
"Afar Angathfark" -- "By the forge of my soul!"
"Afar Vadokanuk" -- "By all the dead!"

Orcish Insults
"Lul Gijak-Ishi" (Lulgijak) -- "Flowers in the Blood" ("Elf" or interchanably "pansy" )
"Zanbaur" -- "Elfson"
"Nar Thos" -- "No Sack"

Orcish Numbers
One -- Ash
Two -- Shun
Three -- Gakh
Four -- Jhet
Five -- Krak
Six -- Djor
Seven -- Iet
Eight -- Hokh
Nine -- Krith
Ten -- Zunn
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