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Happy GM's Day!!


Happy GM's Day everyone!

I hope all you GM's out there get pampered and treated right. Maybe some of you might get a chance to play, maybe you might just get a mini of a nasty monster to torment your players with. Whatever your players do for you, I hope it's a great day. :)

Anyone players something for their GM?
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Happy GM's Day to all the assorted ENWorld GMs. I had one player wish me an unprovoked "Happy GM's Day" and it definitely put a smile on my face. I'm going to celebrate the day by cleaning up my living room for a game session tomorrow afternoon and then getting completely hammered with my wife tonight.

(It's been a rough week at work for both of us, unfortunately.)


Second Most Angelic Devil Ever
Thanks, and to all the other GM's out there, too.

I'm running a game tonight. We'll see if any of the players mention that today is GM's day.


Second Most Angelic Devil Ever
The GM Gods must have been smiling on me; I rolled 3 natural 20's to kick off the surprise round of combat. Two were on one character and almost dropped him--I knocked him unconscious later in the fight.

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