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Release Happy to introduce Last Quest, a Fantasy RPG system.


First Post
Hello everyone,

Allow me to present my RPG game: Last Quest. I am very proud of the work I have done to create this game. Here are a few key points about it:

  • No rounds: combat is a single flow from the first action to the last.
  • Dual class system: this book has 12 character classes, you combine 2 of your choice to create the base of your character.
  • Minimal tracking: wherever possible, the game is designed as to minimize what the player has to keep in mind.
  • Engaging character system: your character has 2 classes, each class has access to one special ability and 9 powers, each power has 2 ranks. You spend points to buy and upgrade powers, but the same points are used to upgrade base stats and combat skills (Melee, Range, Throwing). Giving you ALOT of flexibility on how you can build your character.

If you want to know more about it, you can let me know here or go to my Facebook: Dwarven Print Shop. At the moment the book is only available on Amazon, you can find it easily by typing ''dwarvenprintshop'' in Amazon, you will also get to see my other stuff (Color along Storybooks and Notebooks).

Thank you


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