Free Harts & Minds: Psychic cyber-deer in a post-apocalyptic setting (FREE, 2 pages)

Mark Plemmons

I can never resist wordplay or a good pun, especially a pun in search of a game. With that in mind, I made a little freebie game this weekend about psychic cyber-deer surviving a bizarro post-apocalyptic setting. Mechanically, it's inspired by Apocalypse World and Lasers & Feelings, so it should be easy for most gamers to grok. Thematically, I had vague memories of Far Cry: Blood Dragon, and Gentlemen Broncos, swirling around in my head during the writing process.

As I did with MASHED playsheets, it's designed to be printed double-sided and then folded into a booklet format (cover, rules on the interior, character sheet on the back).

I'd love to hear what you do with it!

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