D&D 5E Has anybody ever tried to integrate any live action scenarios for a campaign?

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Cool. I know about LARP.
I sort of had the same concept like what you mentioned but totally based on D&D and even its mechanics. And I was thinking that half-half. hehehe

You're my first responder. Thanks :D


I’m trying it this next week! It’s for my sons cardboard adventure group. Hoping for 2 live action encounters and 2-3 paper battles. Big boss is a live Gollum -

Well, most LARP systems are based around "D&Desque" fantasy setting, but I don't know any that are a direct transfer. Mechanics get tricky, particularly when you get to spells.

While a lot of the people I play D&D with also do LARP, we generally stick to one of the existing LARP systems rather than trying to turn a D&D game into LARP.

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