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Hasbropulse Con--Avalon Hill & MTG

Wolfram stout

So, the online Hasbropulse Con kicks off today, I think viewable only for US, Canada, and UK: Hasbro Pulse Con 2021

Initially, they had listed D&D as one of the Brands to have a panel, but that got dropped. They do have a MTC panel on Saturday 22nd at 1:25 eastern standard time

But the big one I am interested in is the Avalon Hill panel tomorrow (Sat 22nd at 12:10 eastern standard) where they will give an update on the new Heroquest game. That came through their Haslab funding so there is no certainty that it will go to retail. I didn't back it so have my fingers crossed for good news.

AND They will announce: "Following this is the exciting reveal of a new game that breathes life into a decade old legacy, including a special surprise for viewers to be the first to get in on the action. Let’s roll!"

I have no idea which game this will be, but look forward to it, and hope it is a game I can get hyped about.

Anyone care to speculate?

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