Have anyone played Forbidden Lands RPG? I am looking for some tips

I will be playing Forbidden Lands soon, Ravens Purge campaign. I am looking for some tips about character building for it and general tips for gameplay.

Any help is appreciated :)

Thank you very much!

Vi Thanh.

aramis erak

I haven't played FL, but I've run the related Alien Cinematic Starter Kit...
Don't push up the difficulties in terms of how much; 1 is hard enough.
Only call for rolls when it really matters - as 1 success is hard enough to get (until you have those bigger dice - which alien doesn't get)


Only masochists need apply to play Sorcerors or Druids. Other classes can get by with some use of Willpower and some times without. Spellcasters only function by hurting themselves. So like a lowbie 1st edition AD&D wizard, you need to do a lot of roleplaying between the spellcasting.