Have you written for DRAGON, DUNGEON, or D&D Insider in the past?


Well, that was fun
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If so, what did you yet paid? I'm doing a bit of research, and I'm curious what the pay is like for freelancers writing for the bigger companies. I imagine there are hundreds of people here on EN World who have written for one of those publications.

What did you write? An article, an adventure, some fiction?

How much did you get paid?

Was it a flat rate or per-word?

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I wrote four articles for Dragon Magazine back in the day (meaning the 80's). They were articles (if interested they were "The Wild Warriors", "Bonds of Brotherhood", "The Other Orientals", and "To all a Good Knight").

If was per word...I want to say 3 cents a word, but I will hunt up an old contract and double-check that for you if you like...it WAS some time ago :)



I wrote an adventure for Dungeon a year before 3E came out ("The Winter Tapestry"). At that time they were paying four cents a word. At that rate of pay, I calculated I needed to write a full-length adventure a week to match what I was being paid at my current job (IT server management).


I submitted a couple of articles to Dragon back in the 80s. They were published in Polyhedron instead, and my "pay" was a year's subscription to the magazine, which I never received.

Silly. One of the articles was on how to adjudicate illusions in AD&D (1st ed), and was published right before 2nd ed came out, making the whole thing obsolete.

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