Level Up (A5E) Healer Archetype Spell Slots?


Hey folks, question about the cleric's Healer archetype spells. For reference, here's the entry from the a5e.tools site:


With your archetype you gain access to a list of archetype spells at the levels noted in your archetype description. Once you gain an archetype spell it is always prepared and doesn’t count against the spells you can prepare each day.

If you gain an archetype spell that is not on the cleric spell list, it is considered a cleric spell for you.

My question is how to handle archetype spells which get more powerful using higher-level spell slots (such as most healing spells). Since you're technically not using a spell slot for any of these, are they locked in at the base effect level? I'm leaning toward letting the PC choose, but not sure. Cantrips get around this by referencing character level for increasing the effects, and rituals can’t be cast as a higher-level spell. Hmmmm...

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Unlike previous editions you can upcast spells without having to prepare them with a higher level slot and the spells are still prepared when you cast them.

For example: You only prepare cure wounds (which doesn't even count against the number of the spells you prepare because it's on the healer list) and decide which of your spell slots you want to use to cast the spell.

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