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Kickstarter Helms of the Multiverse launches on Kickstarter


Hi there, my name is Daniel Locke I'm a UK based graphic novelist (you can see work from my day job here, www.daniellocke.com) and life long RPG fan. I grew up with the free-wheeling style of Games Workshop's 1980's Fantasy RPG, and that spirit has never left me.

I’ve been working on a system agnostic zine called ‘Helms of the Multiverse’ and launched it on Kickstarter.

'Helms of the Multiverse' is a 28 page, full colour, fully illustrated book full to bursting with stories and ideas, all built around a collection of fantastical helmets and protective headgear!

You can follow this link to learn more and, if you like what you see, back it:


Thanks for your time.

Here's some sample artwork from the zine:




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Awfully Cheerful Engine!

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