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ZEITGEIST Help! AC and Save Bonuses for Obscurati Covers


Right now I am heading into the end of Schism with my group and I have noticed that there is no information on the AC or save bonuses for Fortitude or Reflex in the Pathfinder edition. I looked in the lone module PDF and in the Act II compilation.

Appendix J page 373 Obscurati Covers under Going Undercover it says this should be found on the officer cards. On the player handouts for the Obscurati covers it does list Strength, Dex, and Con.

I assume these guys are not first level civilians. Should I assume they are a similar level?

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Andrew Moreton

You are correct . Looking at the descriptions and the will saves I am going to guess at the following levels
Ken Don 8th level Cleric (probably cloistered cleric archetype) I assumed Wisdom 18 for him
Gran Giscard, probably 6th level bard could be higher level if rogue or muticlass rogue or has negative wisdom
Livia Hatfield 8th level sorceror or Wizard (10 wis)
Kiov Hetman this one has me puzzled I would have guessed wizard and dwarves normally have a decent wis 12 or so but that would make him 4th level
Oscan Ligurio with a will save of -1 , it depends on how low his Wis is, if we go for wis 6 he is about a 5th level rogue
Bruce McDruid probably a fighter type or similar so about 8-12th level of your favorite none spellcasting sailor class
Xavier Sangria good will save and a fighter type either really high level or has a good wisdom , probably 8th-12 level fighter.
Either of the last 2 could have had strong will as a feat lowering their level

Calculate the AC based on their gear, hopefully your pc's will switch back to their real bodies before extensive combat

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