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Help Avaliable!


First Post
A simple advertisment written with tidy ink strokes on plain paper.

Help Avaliable!

I am an enthusiastic woman seeking employent, preferably in the Juxta City region. Steady hand for writing in the Common language or cutting to pattern. Sharp eye, I pay attention to detail. Well capable as hired hand. Quick messenger, reasonable knowledge of Juxta City streets and growing daily. I do not mind long walks or runs.

Willing to learn new skills.

Wages negotiable.

Please contact via these boards.

Miss. Kit Seen.

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Written carefully and placed below the request

Dear Miss.
I am looking for an assitant to help me in the running of my stall with in the emporium. Duties would include dealing with customers, recording incoming shipments, inventory and such like.
Knowledge of reading and writing as well as mathematics required and previous knowledge of either the ways of magic or merchantile dealings are useful but not essential, training will be given in both areas.
To discuss pay or other conditions please either leave me a note here or look me up outside my stall.

Ricohard Draconis
Proprietor of Draconis' Lair magical emporium


First Post

**The young Dekerin places a note up and does an about face, leaving**

"I seek to help...my name is Dekerin and I will help anyone do anything as long as perhaphs I can obtain some answers...thank you."
Many Thanks,
Dekerin Einlander


First Post

*a dark hooded figure tacks up a piece of parchment next to the original message*

Miss, I might have possible employment for you. It will require many different things though they are all pretty simple I just am too busy to do them, seek out the Shadow Walker if you are interested I can pay you well if you wish to work for me. If you cannot seek me out then just leave a reply here with a time and place to meet you.

Stephanie Leader of Blader


First Post
Finely dressed gentlemen approaches the message board .

M'lady , It would be greatly appreciated if I could have your services. I would expect you to run my manor as I travel . You will work throughout the day and you will be escorted back to your dwelling if you so choose , when night falls . . Alternatively , because of the various functions I demand of my employees when it comes to running my manor , I could provide you with a clean and simple room for yourself.
You will be in an administrative position , where you will have authroity over the cleaning services , the kitchen staff and my hired workers who tend to the garden. It will be in your judgement and your initiative , that everything within the manor and the surrouding garden are kept in a working an orderly fashion . I expect no less. This is not a position to take lightly and I expect the very best care and management. So , with this being said , I will ensure you will be very well taken care of . You will find yourself earning a very sizable salary and you will have the enjoyment to what ever my manor may present to you .

Yours sincerely and respectfully
Cyath .


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Looking for work

A small note, the handwriting fairly messy but ledgable.

Trained with sword, bow and knives and seeking work in almost any miltitary or mercenary field. Willing to learn new skills. Seek Tya.



First Post
The head aches...

**Walking back to see what results have emerged, he notices a smaller flyer and begins to read it, and his vision goes blurry. He staggers away, and falls to his knees attempting to regain composure. In a few moments, he gets to his feet, and looks back at the small flyer...and rubs the back of his head, "Why...?"
He studies a name on the flyer, and walks off.**

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