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Help making a choice: Oracle vs Barbarian for 4th level


For a friend's homebrew game, I have a Level 2 Lore Oracle of Odin/Level 1 Barbarian.

Stats are:
STR: 17
Dex: 18
Int: 14
Wis: 12
Cha: 20

(everyone has very high stats due to the way that group rolls characters)

I took side step secret for the level 1 revelation, meaning I have a non-raging AC of 20 ( 4 Dex, 1 ring of protection, 5 mithral shirt) with feats aimed towards reach using a thematically appropriate long spear.

So my dilemma is as we near level up whether to go Barbarian 2 and get one of those sweet rage powers (probably spirit totem for even more AOOs) or Oracle 3 to get another revelation (Lore Keeper so I can get to +5 to all my knowledges) and another spell.

Either of them would be beneficial to the group, I'm both the tank and the only divine spell caster and kind of one of the party faces as well. Other players are 2 rogue archetypes, an urban ranger, a slayer and a wizard and we're in an urban campaign with a focus on gang warfare.

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