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I've nearly collected some basic statistics on every monster published for A5e (with much help from @arms), which I'm compiling into a spreadsheet. So far, I have the monsters from the Monstrous Menagerie, GPG 0-10, Adventures in Zeitgeist, The Dungeon Delver's Guide, and Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters down, but there are a handful of monsters listed on the A5e.tools website that I can't find because I don't own the resources they come from. I need help locating them, collecting the information, and also learning if there are monsters in those sources that do not appear on the following list:

Behir Magus
Berserker Horde
Cannibal Reaver
Diseased Giant Rat
Gibberling Brood Mother
Goblin Alchemist
Goblin Dreadnought
Goblin Musketeer
Goblin Shieldbearer
Goblin Skulker
Horde of Shadows
Miremuck Goblin King
Posse Member
Shadow Elf Spellcaster Drider
Sheeltielle the Queen Spider
Shroud Ray
Spell Automaton
Stout Halfling Guard
Swarm of Woodland Creatures
Vampire Lord Nemirtvi

The information I'm collecting right now is:
  • Name
  • Source Book
  • CR
  • AC
  • HP
  • Ability Scores
  • Size
  • Elite?
  • Legendary?
  • Unique? (May require a judgment call)
  • NPC? (May require a judgment call)
Obviously, there's much more that could be collected, but I'm going for the minimum viable product right now. I intend to include some additional data that can be derived from this list, such as Proficiency Bonus and Maneuver DC.

Also, please let me know if there are particular tables that would be helpful to you.
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