Help me find my next game!! (taking a break from 5E)


FATE Accelerated.

The entire game is online for free with their SRD above, it can be played in virtually any genre (and the SRD includes the special rules for several of them), and is extremely quick and easy.

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Blistering Barnacles!
Covert Ops, or either Witchcraft (it's free) or All flesh must be eaten, both run on unisystem one of the best rules lite systems out there.

Picked up Covert Ops after a little searching, looks right up my alley for games here and there. Gave it a quick read already and looks like it will be fun.

Savage Worlds was a very close second, I may pick it up in the future!

ok changed my mind, picked up Savage Worlds - wow ! Great stuff.
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