Level Up (A5E) Help me understand this part of the jump rules


So I was reading the jump rules since I wanted to do some shenanigans with a jumping warlock with Otherworldly leap.

Long jumping seems to be firmly capped at your movement speed so that put a bit of a brake on the shenanigans, but then I found this little bit:

"When a creature’s jumping distance exceeds its Speed, it can jump up to a distance equal to twice its Speed in a single leap so long as it takes no other movement on that turn other than to jump. In either case, a creature uses up a foot of movement for every foot it covers jumping. There are a few special scenarios for high jumping though."

Now I don't quite understand this, you can exceed the jump up to your speed if you use no other movement, okay, fun, but then don't you need movement to jump? Sure you can do a standing jump but that part seems to only work with a high jump not with a long jump. Is the standing jump also intended to work for long jumps? Or is the 10ft. run up intended to be part of the jump, so this would still work if you move 10ft. and then jump more than 20ft. (assuming a speed of 30ft.). Also I may be reading into this too much but if this bit was written for high jump wouldn't it say "height" instead of "distance"?

Or is it just as I read the first time and is this little text meant to be an edgecase for when you can standing jump (highjump) more than your speed? (I know it's possible, I've seen the jumpomancer thread, but with that much investment might as well take a level in fighter and take extreme leap too and spend an extra exertion to be fully rid of the jumping limit)

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