Help Needed - Looking for an adventure


Hi All.

I had read sometime ago an adventure, which I believe was in a dungeon magazine, a small part of it had to do with a waterfall and a secret way to follow.
At this waterfall, if you could find the way, you would go over a "moonbridge" (Selune) and then it was a matter of a few challenges on this bridge till you reach the other end, like for example stay and do not fall etc.

I think it was 2e.

Could anyone happen to maybe identify this adventure?

Thank you all in advance.

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I did a Google search and found a site that lists all the adventures in a searchable way, but could not find what you describe and now could not find the site to link.


I am aware of "", but my issue is that this thing was a small part of an adventure.
Also, no matter how I tried to look for it via key words, I could not locate the adventure, hence my request to all the people here, in hope that someone could remember it...

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