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Help on crafting a campaign plot and setting

kerb games

First Post
Hi guys.
If I eventually post it in the wrong section please feel free to lock this Thread.

So I need help to close the gaps of my setting.

Here what I have:

PCs can play a full immersion mmo game. So basically every PCs is actually two PC (one in real world and another in the artificial). I can handle create the fantasy world (no problem) but I really struggling to elaborate the "real" world activities and goals that aren't boring once all real world PCs are just regular humans.

Additionally I want that something (or someone) in the real world will attempt to corrupt the mmo game but I can't find reasons to defend it once it would be super simple to just wipe out all data and reupload a new game. Basically I need reason why a villan could destroy the fantasy world and why defend it.

After all that I'm also thinking that at some point the real world PCs could start to manifest theirs fantasy world PCs' power but I wish it: 1)didn't sound stupid and 2) not every person or country could create a super human being that easy.

I hope anyone can help me.

(Sorry about terrible english)

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