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Kickstarter Help push Fearsome Foes over the finish line


This is a nice little project with new, interesting monsters and their special lairs. "A guide to help spice up encounters for experienced adventurers, new worlds for them to inhabit, and beautiful music! Made for 5e DnD!" Includes:

  • 40 monsters from CR 2 to CR 30 for adventurers of all experience levels!
  • 10 new spells for creatures and players alike!
  • 5 new magic items to entice players and enhance enemies!
  • 3 new settings for you and your players to explore and conquer!
All this in hardcover with PDF for a $20 pledge. And beautiful art.

Barely $2k left, let's go!

Fearsome Foes and Where to Fight Them

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Wow, in the last four hours, over $1500 poured in, so almost fully funded before eh 48 hr mark.

Here's a sample:

Level Up!

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