D&D General Help with "Combination Trash" names


So one of the worlds in my multiverse is a trash planet, where trash is dumped from many places (think Sakkar from Thor 3 if you have seen that movie).

Part of the fun cultural element is that people on the planet get their names from combinations of trash pieces they find. To make it fun for the players, we have made the names "earth names" from various companies and corporations.

So I have names like

Lithium Ritz
Quaker Kellogg
Colgate Dell


But I would love a bunch more. So if you have any good name combinations you want to throw me, it would really help my game for tonight!

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Druid of the Invisible Hand
Friend of mine, for decades now, has played with a house rule that if you name your (fantasy) character after a pharmaceutical, you got a spell-like ability based on the primary medicinal use of that pharmaceutical.


Nestea Keebler
Adidas Mattel
Fanta Firestone
Ralph Lauren
Daimler Durango
Kia Motorola
Sanyo Verizon
Wendy Westinghouse
Champs Chanel


Limit Break Dancing
I think the fun part is combining brands that are from the same genre. Like maybe...

Levi Gap
Dodge Eldorado
Sony "The Walkman" Kenwood
The Dutch Brothers: Winchell and Duncan LaMar
Keebler Nabisco
Gateway Packard
Oakley Rayban
Sriracha Heinz
Bing Google
Hershey Mars
Quizznos McRib
Pepsi Julius
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Victoria Rules
Ford Chrysler, a shiny-chrome Paladin
Hyundai Saab, a Ninja of the highest order
Hudson Nash - or Nash Hudson; either works for a goodly Cleric type...or a butler
Budweiser "Bud" Coors, just another cowboy Fighter
Carling Molson (which might actually be someone's name, for all I know!)
Glenfiddich "but you can call me Jack" Daniels, a drunken Bard
Pepsi the Sprite and her brother Google the Sprite, well-known local pests
Fanta C. Cola, a forgetful Wizard
Apple the Amazon, who will beat you senseless if you even look at her the wrong way

Still need more? :)

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