Hero-Quest, the board game. LEGO version as idea.



LEGO has a section about suggestion of ideas for future products, and one of them is a version of the classic hack & slash board game. I am not kidding. The suggestion is real.


I loved this game, and sometimes I miss them. There was a project about a 25 anniversary edition, but they are working about it... for years.

What do you think, would you buy it for the children of your family?


I still have the original boxed set, plus two of the expansion packs. (And I still use the monster minis from those games in our D&D games today.) I used HeroQuest as the "gateway drug" to introduce my boys - then around 9 and 7 - to the standard fantasy tropes before moving them to AD&D 2E later on. After we ran through the original scenarios for HeroQuest I started designing my own and incorporating other monsters than the ones who came with the game. There used to be a bunch of rubber monsters called "Monster in my Pocket" (available in small packs at toy stores that you bought sight unseen) that were about the right scale, so I found a way to introduce vampires, werewolves, ghosts, the Invisible Man, medusas, etc. into the HeroQuest game. Good memories.


Jacob Lewis

The One with the Force
Nothing beats original Heroquest! Its crackin' good!

(I don't care how many times this is posted. I never get tired of watching it because it is the best thing ever made on the internet! And anyone who says otherwise is wrong!)


That cover mockup is weird with the barbarian's overly long (for minifigs) legs :) And the center orc seems very excited to be about to be slaughtered by the heroes...

Anyway, there already is a fan-mde Lego Dungeon Crawler, it's called Brickquest.