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Hey guys,

This is a great game that I have been tinkering with for some time now and it's currently running it's first setting expansion kickstarter. And the setting is all about Dwarfs!

At it's core, Heroes & Hardships is a setting agnostic ruleset that allows you to play in any world or setting you can imagine in. The rules are simple and yet allow deep customization. There are no classes or levels, instead you get to build your character in any way you want, using Attributes, Skills and Abilities. It uses a roll and keep system that some might recognize if you ever played the old L5R games.

Combat is very fun and tactical in this game. Every action that you use takes some amount of time (Action Points) which move your character on sort of a timer. When the action countdown reaches your action point number you play again. Example: A knight and a bandit start a fight and the knight uses a regular strike, which costs 3. Next the bandit uses a quick strike which costs 2 action points. Now because the bandit is on action point 2 his next action will come before the knights which is on action point 3. These combat rules give players some great ways to manage and plan their attacks.

It is also quite deadly. Depending on the severity of the strike you might gain injuries or wounds which give penalties on your actions. So tactical planning and outnumbering can really win the day. After the fight when everything cools down you roll to see what your gained wounds do to you character.

The rules also allow for the creations and use of many weapons, magic items, vehicles, spells, super powers and so on. Not many RPGs try to do something this different, I think that many people might like it if they give it a chance.

This is the current KS page if you feel like checking it out - https://www.kickstarter.com/project...-deep-and-caverns-old-secrets-of-sacred-stone
You can also find the free quickstart guide on DriveTrhuRPG.
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