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HeroQuest returning?

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I think its going to be a reprint, so to speak, maybe with some visual updates. It's a smart move, the market is there. HeroQuest is highly sought after in the second-hand market and youtube is full of videos praising it.

The question is, do they need to license from Games Workshop considering the IP comes from them?


Heroquest was a joint venture between MB and GW originally, Hasbro owning MB at that time. They might have the rights to reprint the game as much as they want? Either way I'm excited as this was the game that got me further down the rabbit hole of gaming back then.

* When will it be translated into other languages? I would like to buy one for my niece (and other for me).

* What the XXXX about HQ25?

* Maybe Hasbro and GW agreed a licencing. You have to remember the W40K comics by Marvel or toys figure by Bandai.

* In my opinion HQ was the best dungeon-crawler board game. Why? Simple rules to be learnt by teenages, true exploration (searching threasures, traps and secret doors, no-milestone leveling-up (really not getting XPs but earning gold coins to buy better item. I call this "level of opulence") and labyrinth paths, where you have to choose among different ways. And maybe it's the best way to introduce D&D into youngest generations.

* Could we bet we will see a HQ app? It would be the AI to control the monsters and the hidden elements.


The dark one :)
* Could we bet we will see a HQ app? It would be the AI to control the monsters and the hidden elements.
There's an old fan-made game for windows (quite old but still works on modern systems!) that works with an AI
Fun moments
But an app today would have more success haha


If there is an official app, I suggest a "free mode" where the IA only can show the land and hidden elements and move monsters but the human player has got total control of the stats, to allow homebred rules. And a quest editor to create your own adventures, with nPC using optional dialogues.

Do you think will we see any new hero/class? for example paladin or mystic. And what about the mercenaries? Too many figures and it was complicated to know if a character had just moved for that turn.

When HQ was published in Spanish language the translator didn't know enough about fantasy, and the elf was translated as "troll". It would fun the elf with the surname "troll-slayer".

* What do you think about HQ expansion packs based in licenced franchises? for example Legend of Zelda.

* Should Hasbro allow an open licence with the rules to other companies to sell their proxy miniatures and tabletops?

I have just read some rumors say it will be in Hasbro Pulse, the crowdfunding platform by Hasbro. The convention will be in the next days, like the countdown. (Really Pulsecon will start three days after HQ final countdown).

The keys of HQ are in my opinion:

- Improvement of the PC without milestones, neither XPs killing monsters, but only earning gold coins to after buy better item (I call this "level of opulence"). Today the looting of item and weapons is a good hook to players to continue the (online video)game.

- Labyrinth or no-lineal exploration. Nothing of raidcoal. Players have to choose between directions. The hidden elements as traps or secret doors aren't random by a card by predetermined by the adventure. This is maybe one of the biggest differences with other dungeon-crawler games.

- Simple rules easy to be learnt by teenages and newcomers in the hobby. Lots of fandom started with this game, and today some parents want something to play with their children, or no-geek friends.


I wonder about the reaction of Chaosioum, the publishers of HQ RPG (the world of Goraltha) and the infamous Gamezone with its failed project of Anniversary Edition.

Hasbro/WotC is the owner of the "brand" Endless Quest.

* How do you imagine the expansions? I wonder about a fantasy HQ of famous IPs as Marvel, Disney heroines, Star Wars, G.I.Joe..you know, for collectors.


A reprint of the vintage game would be sweet. It would be better than most modern dungeon crawlers without any changes—definitely better thAn Massive Darkness, and maybe better, IMO, than descent.

aramis erak

When I checked the Trademark database, there was no live trademark for Issaries, Greg Stafford, nor Chaosium. Only those for Hasbro (2), and one for Resurrection Games (HeroQuest Legacies).


I’m going it’s not just a straight reprint of the old rules. I’ve been playing the original game recently, and it could definitely use an update.

Apparently the (now cancelled) project by Restoration Games hasn't got links with Avalon Hill/Hasbro.


Update (Sept. 17): A representative from Restoration Games got back to Polygon, saying that the timing between its registration of HeroQuest Legacies and the launch of Hasbro’s website was merely a coincidence.

“Our trademark filing was a purely preliminary step of interest,” the representative wrote in an email. “The timing with Hasbro’s announcement was coincidental. We have no involvement in Hasbro’s project and have no immediate plans with regard to an HQ game.”

* I am afraid there is some link with Hasbro Pulse. A crowdfunding of HQ? Please, I want to buy the translated version for my niece, 9 years old now. HQ shouldn't be only for collectors of vintage games but to introduce to new players.

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Final Form
I don't have many fond memories of childhood, but playing through this with my brother and friends is definitely one of them.


Elder Thing
I'd like to see some tweaks, too. I mean, the original game was very much crossbow = win. Hard to deal with a crossbow that fires broadswords across the room.
Across the room? Son, those crossbows could hit anything you could see, no matter how far away it was. They rule!

Of course, in my current HQ game with my 6yo, everyone who isn't the wizard has a melee weapon that does better than that anyway, so while undeniably potent the crossbow isn't always the best option.


Exactly. Crossbows? My players who weren't a wizard all packed longswords and used the doors as choke points, let the monsters rush the doors and used the crossbows when the monsters didn't.

Still, the game was fun.



It's live! It's a Kickstarter!

I am happy with the reedition, and I wish them a great success, but I would like the translated version to play with my niece.

And what about the future expansions?

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