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D&D 5E Heyo. Looking for some build advice/suggestions.


Will be starting a new campaign with a new gaming group. Don’t know what campaign we will be running. I’m pretty sure one of the players is going to run a straight wizard. Don’t think anyone else has decided.

I have played a Fighter with the Eldritch Knight subclass. Wasn’t terribly impressed. Very few spells and very low level by the time you get them. Could bump you up a bit for one boss fight, but that was about it.

Played a single class warlock. I loved that. I really like the spell system they have for that class. Even though the 2 spells for short rest is painful, it was 2 spells from a large list at max level. Definitely worth it for me.

Currently playing a rogue / bard. The bard levels are mostly for a few spells, back story, and roleplay reasons. He’s mostly going to be scout and a Stabbity-Mc’Stabberson rogue.

So now I’m looking for something new. Only a few conditions.

1) Not wizard since someone else is going to play that.

2) Must have some magic or weird abilities. I just can’t be in a game with piles-o-magic and play a guy that just swings and axe and has nothing else to do. I just can’t. He’s got to have some sort of powers.

3) Very different play style from the other 3 characters I’ve already done.

4) Not something that is going to make my turn take four times as long as everyone else. I don’t want to hog the table.

So I don’t know; a barbarian with a pole arm that hits people all over the field of battle, can a monk use his special abilities if he’s also a druid in the shape of a bear, an archer that shoots spells along with his arrows, etc…

What ideas do you have for me to look over? What weird fun class /ability combinations have you tried over the years and had fun with. I will have no problem coming up with a personality and backstory for the character. But I don’t have yet have a lot of experience with building characters in the 5E system.

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Magic Wordsmith
I would wait to see what the campaign is about and what options are available before making any decisions. That way I could make a character that really fits in with the setting and the party.

If you can't wait, in my opinion you can't go wrong with a cleric. Trickery is one of my favorites. I had a trickery cleric/rogue with a hand crossbow and a net once. That was a lot of fun.


Everyone wants a cleric in the party and nobody wants to play one. Problem solved. Find one with a cool domain instead of life. My brother had fun with a cleric of light, especially once he got fireball.

When I'm the DM, I am not even allowing people to build a character before Session Zero. During Session Zero, we will have some beers, discuss what fits in the campaign and what's a fun party composition and why the heck these characters would hang out. And after Session Zero you can expand on the basic plan for your character and add all the multiclass shenanigans you may like.

But if you just want to make up your mind all by yourself, you may consider:
  • A paladin. Vengeance if you cannot play Mr Goodie Good Guy. Multiclass a few levels of Bard if you need to insult people with a cantrip.
  • Some weird combo of a Rogue with Sentinel. Never tried, but feels like you may rule the action economy with lots of reactions. Probably works best if you have a healer around so you can tank a bit.
  • Another wizard. Nobody said you need a balanced party. Just do another school. An evoker and an enchanter work well together.

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