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D&D 5E High Fantastic Races. What are the appropriate weaknesses?

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Isn't fantasy races having disadvantages considered 'problematic' these days? Isn't that what WOTC are trying to get away from?
Heck gnomes have the same Str score as humans. More recently a tortle can have the same dexterity as an elf.

Personally I'm fine with it, but it is against the current design philosophy. Making species good or bad at anything moves away from the open ended choices where nobody is at a comparative disadvantage because of their race+class combo. If you were to make elves allergic to cold iron, then people won't want to make melee fighters. If gnomes are extra sneaky from a feat, people who play rogues will feel sub-optimal if they pick anything else. It's silly, but that is how we ended up with the Tasha's style races anyway.

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