Holy adventures, Batman! (details inside)


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So, December has been pretty crazy so far. The Adventurers League has pushed out some pretty awesome content in the last two weeks and as of today we should ready to keep you gaming all the way through the new year!

We (and our CCC friends out there!) released:
DDAL05-06 Beneath the Fetid Chelimber
DDAL05-07 Chelimber's Descent
CCC-CIC-01 Vault of the Devourer
CCC-UCon-01 Blood & Fog


My first AO, Window to the Past, is now available for global play. Using the code 'DDAL00-01', feel free to grab a copy and terrorize (entertain?) your local players. It's a heavy exploration adventure disguised as a dungeon crawl, with a heaping helping of history and "oh gods, what have we done?" Covers tier 2, tier 3, AND tier 4... pick your poison and get to rollin' dice. A character can only play the adventure once (regardless of tier) but a player will likely have very different experiences with different characters.

Let me know your thoughts!

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I know that CCC doesn't count towards DM Quests that require DD-series adventures. What about former DDAOs?

Comes down to the adventure code. This one (Window to the Past) is the first to be released like this, but it has the code 'DDAL' and a season of '00'. So, it's available for DM rewards and although it takes place after the events of season 2, is not required to run in any particular place or order. Most, if not all, future AO releases will use the same format.


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Including a suffix to an already long string (for some adventures) is unlikely to happen, but we're finalizing the full playable adventure checklist this week. I've got 99.5% of the data in it, and just need a few minor details about some lesser-known AL-legal options.

A little formatting, a little elbow grease, and voila! Adventure information for everyone!

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