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Holy Crap! It's Almost here! I've got to PACK!!

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theredrobedwizard said:
White Castle is an American Institution(tm), not unlike the LA/Oakland Raiders. People love to hate on em, but can't deny their greatness at 4am after a long night of drinking.

Ok. I get it. It's a late night thing. That in itself is useful to know.

Last year, late Friday night, 2:50 a.m. or so, we were really hungry and were looking for some pizza place still open. So the Radisson front desk gives us some menu of a restaurant that delivered all night and we ordered from there.

Worst. Pizza. Ever. I'm talking a pizza whose base ingredients probably came from a Chef Boyardee home pizza kit, with pepperoni on it that looked a lot like - and tasted suspiciously like - sliced up hot dogs. They delivered an extra large. The four of us did not even finish one small slice each. It was universally reviled.

It was so bad that if pizza like that had been delivered to several hundred Gencon gamers that night, I figured there was a good chance that hundreds of largish, black T-shirted men bearing pitchforks and torches might be gathering outside this "restaurant", to dole out some richly deserved mob justice.

Compared to that odious excuse for a pizza, White Castle is doubtless a better plan.
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Henry said:
From what I recently read, Indy next week is going to fluctuate between the high 80's and low 90's. Here in SC, temperatures have been over 104 degrees for a solid week now, with a heat index of 115.

For those of us not from the US, what are these temps in degrees celsius?

The Swordsage

Squire James

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C = 5/9 (F - 32)

0 C = 32 F
10 C = 50 F
20 C = 68 F
30 C = 86 F
40 C = 104 F

So 104 F with heat index of 110 F is about 40 C with heat index of 43 C. Florida is about there too - All Hail the Mighty Air Conditioner! Pretty hot by anyone's definition.

theredrobedwizard said:
2"x2" (3182dm x 72 hectares or whatever that is in Moon Units)

Swordsage said:
For those of us not from the US, what are these temps in degrees Celsius?

I think 104F is somewhere between 8C and -12C. I could be wrong, though, as my knowledge of the Moon System comes only from comic books and Canadian cheeseburger wrappers.

Woo! Only 4 more days!


Angel Tarragon

Dawn Dragon
Don't forget to pack an umbrella. I may not have went last year, but I do know it rained. And according to the forecast, it could easily rain again this year.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the con this year. :cool:

paradox42 said:
On the up side for you, if the ad on page 117 of Dungeon #150 is any guide, you'll soon have the Con come to you. The ad gives the website link as www.genconoz.com.

And I'm beginning final preparations myself after tomorrow's game session, I think- or perhaps Sunday. The Time Has Nearly Arrived, but Not Quite Yet. I'm a little bit jazzed, but I'll save the actual excitement until Monday or Tuesday. :)

I wouldn't know about the ad. I'm still waiting for my subscription copy of Dungeon #149 to arrive, let alone #150!

I have heard about GenConOz though. Unfortunately it is being held in Brisbane, which is about 2-3 day's solid driving from where I am in Australia. If it was in Melbourne, I could possibly attend. Brisbane is probably out of the question unfortunately. :\

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