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He Mage
Why not just get rid of the subraces all together and let the player pick from literally any of the elf-like traits and elf-like proficiencies.

Also, I don't know that the ability score should be able to be applied to any score. Maybe anything except Strength or Constitution?

But-- with those two fixes, it might be a good template for how to remake all the various races in the game.

The D&D 1e wood elf, and grugach wild elf, as well as 3e wood elf, all had +1 or +2 to Strength. Plus, the Basic elf is an Intelligence-Strength concept. The Strength elf actually has a deep and strong D&D tradition. Probably the evolution of a Dexterity fighter and the mechanical superiority of Dexterity over Strength, is what allowed the elf to dump Strength.

The 5e aquatic elf has +1 to Constitution, and certain other elf subrace flavors actualize better with the Constitution bonus. Plus, the longevity conceivably correlates with health.

In the end, any abilities seem plausible, so it is better just to let the player decide. Personally, I view Charisma as the most archetypal elf.

I agree with letting the players ‘build their own elf’, picking whatever traits interest them. The reason for the subraces is severalfold. Document various D&D elf traditions, note interesting reallife elf traditions, and have the rules give the DM a chance to vet the elf build to confirm that it is suitable for a particular setting. But ultimately all the traits are a menu that the players can mix-and-match, while the subraces are flavorful examples of possibilities.

The template has all of the 5e D&D races in mind. Some races (and subraces) are more powerful than others. This template is on the stronger side of that spectrum, and comparable in power to the half elf.

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Tony Vargas

Heh, the multiplicity of kinds of elves is an awkward D&D tradition. But it doesnt seem to be going away. Appreciation for the different kinds of elves seems as strong now as it ever was.
Seeing this thread again reminds me: has Talislanta gotten a reboot lately?

edit: google reminds me it has, and "Still no Elves" ...good to know.

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